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M. Crane Cate In a Violent World


M. Crane are a fascinating band who take story-telling to new heights with this latest single and video Cate In a Violent World. Their sound feels soaked in the classic emotion and intensity of grunge and alternative rock bands from a decade or two ago – dashes of Muse and Radiohead flicker in and out of view, even some heavier, more distorted influences on occasion. By the end of the experience though, all hints of inspiration have rightfully stepped aside – as you try to get your head around the concept, you inevitably form a connection with the sound and creative expression that is simply M. Crane.

The song’s title takes its time to appear within the set-up and this is perhaps one of the things that helps it all hold your attention so well. Another is the fact that the intensity and darkness builds slowly, the song begins in a fairly organic and – dare I say – gentle way. A simple guitar riff can be heard, a light drum line, and a delicate leading voice; whispering poetic images and ideas to you. Things pick up towards distortion and weight pretty quickly, the leading character starts to take shape early on, the melody veers off down a less tender and more disconnected, perhaps eerie and unsettled pathway. This sense of change or evolution though continues throughout the track, leading you towards a huge finish and a latter half that is close to brilliant in how compelling and interesting and musically immersive it becomes.

As suggested, M. Crane are story-tellers – this is in the lyrics, the passion in the delivery, and the composition in general. As the song progresses, the stages of the story reach out with more and more authority; to the point that you can’t help but listen intently, and you may even wish to go back to the start to re-capture every detail for a fuller understanding. And all the while, as this takes place, the song’s video – a superbly written, performed, and artistically captured set of visuals – follows the same intriguing, dark and impossible to ignore route. The whole thing lingers in your mind for quite some time after you’ve witnessed it. Absolutely a band worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

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