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M Bars Transition 2


Superb production and addictively rhythmic, contemplative bars introduce this powerful new EP from rapper and artist M Bars.

Transition 2 kicks into gear with the immediately atmospheric, melodic and thoughtful Rampage, an aptly contemporary yet somewhat still classic anthem of mellow, memorable qualities, and a fine beginning to this sequel journey of story-telling and ambient sound-design.

Purposeful on every level, Transition 2 continues to develop its sense of intention and relevance throughout these six original tracks. The M Bars voice pours through in both lyric and style, the depths of the writing reflected effectively in the vast and often haunting presence of the music.

Ain’t Letting Up makes for a fine example of M Bars’ fusion of yesteryear and relevant qualities. The auto-tune, the trap rhythms, the synths, meeting with a story and sense of meaning that leans towards the legends of a simpler era. And of course we get another catchy yet mellow anthem for the hook.

The leading single from this project is Tilapia, piano-led and immediately setting the mood for verses that delve into poetic observation and personal reflection as much so as the sheer confidence of wordplay and a passion for hitting the mic. This one undoubtedly showcases the very best of M Bars as a writer and performer – your attention is consistently on the voice, the changing flow, the ideas and the imagery.

Afterwards, April Fools keeps the heavy rhythm and mellow energy enticing, later developing a cleanly mixed sound for a bold look back through hip hop’s history and a musically on point contribution to the current scene.

No Shame follows and introduces an acoustic fingerstyle arrangement that again shines light on the versatility and creative backbone of the M Bars sound. Another simple hook keeps things memorable, recognisable, whilst gritty bars veer off into storytelling in a way that captivates.

The project comes to a close with Respectfully, pairing a near-euphoric soundscape with tired, freestyling vocals for a carefree look at the climb and consistency of an artist focused on success. The contemporary sound returns, along with a relentless array of bars and an increasing level of passion that helps elevate things at the final hurdle.

Grab the EP via iTunes. Check out M Bars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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