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Lyrics Of Two Summer Song (Hey, Hey)


When a song or a project meets or far exceeds the implied vibe set by its title, all you can really do is encourage more people to press play and experience it for themselves. In the case of this single, Summer Song (Hey, Hey), the title implies a certain joyfulness, but what lies within is so much more than a simple melodic pleasure. This is Americana with a heartfelt, delicate twist – or rather, it’s folk-rock, it’s country music; beautifully fused with a soft-rock backbone and a whole lot of character.

Lyrics Of Two offer music fans a couple of crucial elements when it comes to escapism and entertainment. One is impressive songwriting, the likes of which bring together that which is new and unspoken, and that which is familiar but presented in a fresh way. The other is these clearly talented and passionate performances, and this spans right the way through from the leading vocalist’s immaculate, soulful driving melody, to the drum-line, the claps, and every additional layer of instrumentation. The song feels like a hit from the offset, soaking you in optimism with an upbeat but natural, organic soundscape.

From a songwriting perspective, Summer Song (Hey, Hey) is both interesting and rightfully worthy of widespread attention. The writer – Marie Helen Abramyan – underlines a clear awareness of what works in music; what connects and what satisfies a broader audience. At the same time as having this understanding, there’s also a clear level of freedom within the writing, and a certain sense of being carefree – lost in the harmony, wrapped up in the melody – and thanks to all of this in unison, the effect passes over to you as you listen.

The song is calming if that’s what you need from it, it encourages you to let go of your worries for a while, and if you were to seek out a live show from the band this is exactly what they’d offer for entire the evening. Wonderful songwriting and impressive, passionate musicianship drives their work. On the other hand, if what you need from this is a little boost – something uplifting and energizing, just turn it up loud and let the warmth and the vibrancy work for you in a different way. An easy must for the end of the summer, a subtle ear-worm for sure and a beautiful sound overall.

Results speak volumes and Summer Song (Hey, Hey) is currently #1 at Florida Country Radio – a position the fans and radio listeners voted for. Stream the single on Spotify. Find & follow Lyrics Of Two on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Find out more about them via their Website.

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