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Lyrics of Two Now’s The Time


Gifting the immediate feeling of being a timeless, soulful pop-rock classic, Lyrics of Two return in top form, with the beautifully crafted and skilfully performed Now’s The Time.

Superb vocals guide this release with faultless precision and passion combined. Weave in the poetic and personal honesty and detail of the lyrics, as well as the strength of this short-line melodic progression towards the uplift and resolve of a catchy hook, and the whole thing connects with ease.

Inspiring in both topic and the emotive presentation, there’s a fine balance between vulnerability and self-belief scattered throughout Now’s The Time. Poetry and personal anecdotes are also finely matched, giving the release a sense of authenticity that’s both true to the songwriter and indeed a pleasure for the listener to escape into and feel understood by.

From heartfelt beginnings through the ultimately motivational core of the song, Now’s The Time promises the warmth of a country-twang in unison with an organic pop-rock anthem effort that quickly urges you to master the lyrics and sing along at volume.

Lyrics of Two always impress, but even so, this may well be their most effective song yet. Written by founder Marie Helen Abramyan, Now’s the Time has a simple, familiar arrangement, but it clicks into place with confidence and soul. A pleasure to delve into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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