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Lyrics Of Two Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home


This single released by Lyrics Of Two is beautiful, it actually feels like the outro to some inspiring, important film. From the opening instrumentation, to the moment the leading voice begins to sing, then right on through every single lyric, you get a somewhat overwhelming sense of positivity and hopefulness. There are so many lyrics, many of which feel immediately familiar, many of which feel poetically simplistic yet powerful. The sound is so sublime that each idea or each line just lightly drifts into your life, and you can’t help but welcome it.

Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home is a song written by Lyrics Of Two’s founder Marie Helen Abramyan. The song itself seems to have everything exactly where it needs to be to leave a subtle yet effective, lasting effect on listeners. The delicacy of the instrumentation brings about a certain, organic soundscape – the gentle piano part, the crisp yet soft presentation of the acoustic guitar, the passionate yet smooth leading voice delivering the underlying thoughts and overall sentiment. Everything within works gorgeously as part of the complete unit to create something that completely surrounds you in positive energy.

The progression of the opening verse melody has a gradually ascending nature to it, the lyrics that coincide with this add to a general feeling of rising up, heading higher, dreaming big. The delivery of all of this is crucial in making it connect – a well written song is often less impactful if performed with a below-par level of emotional depth and presence. In this case, the leading voice is stunning – there is both softness and grit in the sound, depending on the moment, and this fits the mood of the entire soundscape beautifully, as well as representing the essence of the songwriting in a wonderfully relevant and genuine way. It’s no surprise that this song is making waves online and throughout airwaves across the globe. A brilliant release, a solid and necessary dose of peacefulness – well worth a listen.

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