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Lynne Taylor Donovan Sooner or Later


Lynne Taylor Donovan returns this month with a beautiful song that has been recorded in a raw yet wonderful manner. The release is fairly simplistic instrumentally, yet you can tell from the first few lines the singer performs that something very real and emotional has been captured. Sometimes you just need to catch that perfect moment when recording new music, and all else will fall into place. That’s definitely what you get here.

Sooner Or Later is a beautiful song in itself, the melody and lyrics pour out the very moment you press play, so the sentiment of the song is never left to the imagination – the feeling and devotion of the songwriting is clear, and Lynne’s voice has the perfect tone and qualities to express the meaning and depth of this type of release with genuine passion.

The instrumentation surrounding the vocal features a simple guitar sound, a well chosen collection of chords, a few snippets of alternative rhythm guitar, and initially it’s just this and that instantly memorable melody. As the music evolves, the hit of the electronic guitar brings a stylish touch of country rock to the mix, magnifying that rise in intensity, and this is followed by the brilliantly fitting introduction of the string section.

The song has a sensational melody, without a doubt – hearing it once is remembering it for the long term, hearing it twice is setting in stone the fact that this is a smooth and satisfying, go-to country ballad that ticks a lot of boxes. Lynne Taylor Donovan’s voice is stunning, flawlessly suited to this kind of songwriting and sound, and Sooner Or Later arrives as a welcome return for the artist.

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