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Lynne Taylor Donovan Dear Santa


Dear Santa is an original Christmas song written by Tony Koenen and performed here by Lynne Donovan. The song has a subtle and delicate ambiance that fits well among the coziness of winter nights spent by the fire. The music is mellow and organic, featuring just a touch of that sparkle or jingle that generally runs through songs of this season. Lynne’s vocal performance delivers the melody flawlessly and remains in keeping with the mood set by the soundscape. The scene setting and imagery of the lyrics is easy going yet paints a clear picture – the singer presents this in a believable, calming, and easy to relate to manner.

The song’s underlying sentiment focuses on the important things, the love and togetherness of this time of year, the thing things that really matter. There’s a lightness and joy to the song and these elements fuse well in not bringing about an overly colourful or attention seeking new seasonal offering. As the music moves along it’s almost possible to forget it’s a Christmas song – right up until the hook, the concept of Santa is placed behind the scenes still, as the true value of life and Christmas is portrayed. Then when the hook comes into play, the sentiment is continued, but that touch of excitement works well alongside the caring ideas of the overall piece.

From a songwriting perspective it’s a really strong offering, it’s difficult to craft a song that lasts these days as the absolute classics are so set in stone in terms of nostalgia and familiarity and comfort. This song does well to break free of those indie restraints and I think a lot of people would appreciate the song, the performance, and the warmth of a well written, country-pop ballad.

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