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LVSTNIGHT Last Night Was Hell


Offering an entire playlist of original tunes, one for just about every mood you might be going through, LVSTNIGHT’s debut EP combines dark story-telling with equally intense vocals and often unsettling, creatively unpredictable soundscapes.

Taking influence from trap and hip hop as much as experimental electronica, kicking into gear with a bizarrely spacious and simple yet hard-hitting song called Hate Me, LVSTNIGHT quickly captures attention as the project starts up.

These songs are each anthems in their own right. Taking tips from what’s been scoring well in contemporary hip hop, yet blending that with an unwavering sense of passion and carefree expression, LVSTNIGHT moves with immense confidence and character.

A story-teller by nature, but with a clear love for the stage and sound design all at once, the artist has titled this project in a fitting manner. Last Night Was Hell reflects on regret and past decisions, experiences, in a consistently heavy and unique fashion.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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