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Lvriat The Playlist


Mellow rap flows and subtle lo-fi flavors, blending ethereal tones with warped or unreal aftereffects for a true vintage feel – Lvriat explores personal struggle in a calming, hypnotic manner, throughout this five-track EP The Playlist.

As an opener, I Know Sometimes is all of this, softly addictive, heart-breaking yet comforting, hitting with impact thanks to rhythm and depth but also juts washing over like a familiar wave of serenity or the smile of a close friend. A definite highlight and a great way to start.

Why U Gotta Trip follows and the Lvriat voice is instantly recognisable, even in this fresh setting – more upbeat, melodically supported, fuller sounding. Again, the artist reflects upon life and the passing of time, utilising poetry and personal reference alike. There’s also a shift in flow and passion as the verses pour through, highlighting versatility and offering essential dynamic for the rise and fall of the whole project.

With Keep It Lowkey the sublime guitar backdrop raises the dynamic further still, creating an intimate, alluring vibe, and Palm Trees Ride (Drop Top) follows to make up perhaps the two catchiest pop-fusion tracks of the EP.

Bringing things to a close is the again guitar-kissed, freestyle meandering arena of a reflective, thoughtful Lazy Love. The song keeps that contemporary vocal sound at the forefront, blurring the lines between melody and rap, and finishes the project with intimacy, uncertainty and heartache; all represented well amidst the quiet and fearlessly devoted performance and recording.

A relatable and melancholic end to The Playlist, and another stroke of eclecticism that helps keep things interesting.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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