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LUURK Trent Stark’s Mvtte Blvck [feat. Jordi] (Remix)


Taking genre fusion to new heights, LUURK’s remix of Trent Stark’s Mvtte Blvck hits with immense impact. Bringing together the intensity of EDM and trap – a mellow pace, but a beat that’s dark and industrial in nature – and the character and swagger of a well-crafted, confidently presented hip-hop performance, the single offers the energy and style required to really carry itself with originality and power.

LUURK’s creativity running alongside of his unquestionable professionalism has resulted in a uniquely heavy beat that seems all at once complex and perfectly smooth among the core sentiments of the song. From the offset the intensity is laid out, the opening few bars of music rise up with an addictively rhythmic level of weight and personality. The confidence of the rap performance is matched perfectly by that of the music. The soundscape crafted around the central idea quite flawlessly enhances every second in a manner that makes it feel like a short film – captivating, interesting, loaded with detail and an eclectic array of audio snippets that have been utilised with clever yet unpredictable intent.

The best way to hear it is at high volumes, another testament to the quality of the mix. LUURK knows exactly how to make music that surrounds you in a fresh and energizing way. There are certain moments when the vocals fall back, and there’s always the potential in those instances for the soundtrack to fall below par or fail to keep your interest. In this case, the opposite is true. When it’s not there to enhance and empower the vocal flow, the music stands tall in its own right – again offering that colour and character necessary to really leave a mark. It hits hard and is genuinely, consistently impressive, from start to finish.

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