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Luminous Wavez Raindrop Castle


Uniquely expressive, recognisable vocals meander through deeply intimate, reflective lyrics and rising, falling melodies, for this beautifully immersive and characterful EP from Luminous Wavez.

An aptly titled Raindrop Castle is musically colourful from the outset, yet in contrast we get this sleepy, drawn-out vocal lead, deeper and more gritty in tone, creating a vast space between the soundscape and the song-writing that rains down around listeners in a powerful way. Weave in a notably honest outpouring that celebrates love and its profound effects, and the song captivates quite hypnotically. This is the Luminous Wavez signature – it comes in the form of different songs and set-ups, but ultimately proves memorable and easy to pin-point.

Hold Your Own furthers the orchestral, cinematic vastness of the opener and again tells a story of personal reflection and emotional depth. The voice leans back and forth between low rumbling, breathy whispers, and higher falsetto fragments for additional contrast. It’s the instrumentation that injects intensity, rising passion – the horns, the rhythm, the space between moments; the build up and the drop.

Fade showcases a slight change in direction, a piano-led ballad with a jazz-like shuffle and a lighter performance style for a poetic display of vulnerability. A similar shift takes place for an acoustic-guitar-laid Not Many Friends, a melodic highlight for its folk purity and how beautifully raw and genuine the voice sounds in this real and simple setting.

In stark contrast one last time, the closing track Goddess underlines the sheer breadth of Wavez’ talent as a producer and composer. A bold rhythm and pounding soundscape take us back to the immersive, cinematic downpour of the opening two tracks, yet here we get short lines and intriguing lyrics, compelling from the start, with a clear level of growing anticipation as things slowly but surely tumble along. Then comes the drop, or rather – the ascension – into distortion, volume, soulful lightness and passion all intertwined.

A great way to go out, for a short yet striking project that’s incredibly eclectic and still consistently well-rooted amidst the sound and intentions of the artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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