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LUI Foreigners World


LUI’s return in 2020 brings a collection of heartfelt, intentional tracks, which effectively blend the big-band colour of world music, with the thoughtful lyricism and passion of hip hop. From the moment Trabajando starts to play, complete with its horn section and the sheer emotion and energy in LUI’s voice, the EP Foreigners World is off to a strong start, and these qualities grow all the more impressive as the project goes on.

The title-track mellows things out, taking a more fun, melodic approach, spacious and now utilising English as its leading language. Still that vocal tone and this performance style stands tall as the work of LUI. A story-teller with a clear love for music in all of its forms, LUI drives with equal parts melody, rhythm, optimism, creativity, and professionalism. This title-track is a definite highlight – lyrically honest, uplifting, with a quickly likeable, memorable hook that works in the way that some of the best and most interesting hip hop tracks from throughout time tended to.

Daydream takes the mellow vibes even further, LUI’s vocal tone evolving into a quietly expressive, intimate whisper. There’s a Mac Miller mood to this one – the romance and simplicity, the story, the openness, the dreamlike melody and soundscape. It works beautifully at this central point in the playlist, and the easy repeat of that hook again offers an addictive little hit that helps imprint the song in its audience’s minds.

Another highlight is undoubtedly the track Bugs Bunny, unusual enough to stand out, with a smooth and interesting verse line, and a completely unexpected, somewhat jarring yet intriguing and passionate breakaway section. LUI’s own progression through the stages of the story brings multiple flows and varying degrees of energy and volume; making the whole thing a performance, always in tune with the concept and scenes at play. Here you get a little closer to the artist, the story proving theatrical and revealing all at once.

A softly guitar-led Love Stone brings things to a thoughtful finish. Another simple yet likeable melody accompanies a romantic, appreciative writing style that keeps things minimalist yet intentional.

LUI reaches new peaks of performance and creativity with this project. Every track feels like an underground hit, adhering to the building blocks known to work, whilst successfully holding close to an inherent originality and sense of identity; a rare and respectable balance to achieve. A refreshing artist who is unequivocally himself when crafting his tracks.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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