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Luh Tony The Making Of… EP


Six original tracks make up the brand new EP from rapper and artist Luh Tony – a high-octane collection, with dreamy synths and heavy bass supporting the unrelenting vocal outpourings that make up some boldly scene-setting bars.

Faultlessly rhythmic as performer, Luh Tony showcases his ability from the moment Kyrie kicks into gear, and that high bar maintains its reach throughout.

Bringing together personal story-telling and contemporary anecdotes of confidence and drive combined, The Making Of… progresses through an array of classic rap soundscapes with cleanly-mixed vocals to match. The style has both nostalgic and contemporary tones to it – the trap rhythm and again ethereal synth-lines of Been That, loaded with both drawn-out historical bars and quicker modern-rap instances, makes for a consistently versatile listen.

Versatility is a key aspect of Luh Tony’s style and role within the current hip hop landscape. His skill stands tall regardless of vibe – uniting captivating personal stories with clever fragments of wordplay and partly melodic peaks. Alongside this, the music adopts a simple yet equally eclectic backbone, resulting in a completed project within which no two songs are the same; far from it.

In Touch is a melodic highlight, the bounce or rise and fall of both the music and vocal delivery makes it perhaps the most memorable of the collection. Then afterwards, the emotive indie core of a guitar-led Can’t Keep Up brings the pace and brightness through with a fine fusion of pop-punk and fast-rap to energise and impress. Another definite highlight and really well-placed within the mix.

Speaking further on ability, Gotta Go Freestyle toys with the very artform of writing bars on the spot. The mellow approach is refreshing in this context, and showcases a confident and purposeful manner on the mic, which again draws focus to the integrity and natural presence of the rapper behind it.

All at once intentional and free-flowing, rhythmically on point and conceptually honest, often heartfelt but always fearless, The Making Of… works its magic with ease. The journey is rounded off for a heavy finish with the modern weight and breathless bars of ICEE. It’s a strong way to end the EP, and again shines light on yet another side to the Luh Tony identity and style.

Grab the EP The Making Of… via Apple. Check out Luh Tony on Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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