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Luh Rocket BANG EAT


Fast bars and creative ambiances, blending the weight and bass of industrial trap with a reverb-kissed wash of ethereal calm – Luh Rocket BANG takes the hip hop scene by storm with the brand new anthem EAT and a handful of equally impressive releases.

Emotively loaded and cleverly both intense and passionately honest, EAT proves a motivational hit of inspiring possibility, and a revealing, truthful outpouring of insight that lays bare the artist’s own story.

From 2019 through to today, Luh Rocket BANG has consistently built upon his voice, his identity, as an indie rap artist with creativity at heart.

ME vs ME emerged just one week earlier and showcased the same level of genre-blending and the same recognisable, up front and fearlessly energetic vocal lead. Here though we get a different flow, impeccable vocal rhythms and smart raps that shine further light on the unique story of Luh Rocket BANG.

Emotion rings louder, the soundscape pauses, gives room for reflection, and the overall concept and title idea resound in a brilliantly clever, memorable way.

An artist with eyes on the prize yet a humble, open sense of vulnerability thanks to the realism of tracks like ME vs ME, positively influential in detracting from the needless competition of music’s various sub-scenes, Luh Rocket BANG lures in rap fans across the eras.

2021’s single GOODBYE had the same tone and reverb-arena, but the style differed still – melodic verses contrasted by intense near-screamo drops. There’s a clear sense of evolution over time, yet always Luh Rocket BANG maintains a respectable identity. Where versatility shines, so too does personal integrity, and that’s a lasting strength.

Earlier still, Rocky Road was all the more reflective and melodic, with a boldly eighties-style rhythm just briefly injecting a sense of rising anticipation. The production has threads, unique to the name, the bass and the drums, fragments of detail, the varying passion of the voice and how eclectic each performance is from the last. Honesty paves the way, the story is the individual journey, the sound is contemporary yet fresh in its ultimate design and designation of layers.

Other highlights include the synth-kissed, euphoric anthem GO, completely emotional in delivery and the overall energy it extends. From delicate to gritty, you recognise the sound and style as LRB, yet still you get a new twist of intention and story, of melody and creativity, almost freestyle-like on occasion but still rooted amidst the progression of the soundscape.

Home Alone is another, lovingly sub-titled The Introverts Anthem and appropriately reflective on the comfort and escapism of isolation and the company of the self. That honesty again refreshes, not craving the party or boasting numbers or crowds to fit in – music is the drug of choice, and the performance and overall sound provides and celebrates this without limit.

The entire catalogue to date is worth a listen, offering far more than a single skip-through can account for – depths and appreciable truths interwoven with passionate writing.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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