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Luclover Her Loss (Feat. Dmxn)


At just 14 years of age, Houston-based artist and rapper Luclover is already aiming high and hitting the mark as impressively as his peers. Her Loss makes for a fine introduction to his work, and a further step higher in terms of his successes and the name he’s building for himself within the scene.

Featuring a smooth beat and a softly soulful delivery, Her Loss is a track with a mildly dance-hall-like bounce to it – a light and summer-time-suited riff contrasts with a heavy yet slow-paced bass-line, and meanwhile a series of alternating, dynamic-building vocal parts help hold tight to your interest.

The recent sounds of artists like Post Malone make for a welcoming arena for this type of track. Forgetting the artist’s young age for a while, the professionalism and even the subtle confidence all work brilliantly here to craft something that easily fits within the current climate for the genre. As he continues to develop his sound and his voice, it’s likely we’ll be hearing plenty more from Luclover.

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Rebecca Cullen

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