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Luckydabo$$ Awakeness


Awakeness is an easy track to enjoy, something about this meeting between a synth-led ambiance, a hip hop beat, and a reggae-style melody and vocal delivery makes for a fine balance of elements. Luckydabo$$ offers a freely creatively and passionate approach to music, keeping the vibe of the track consistent and welcoming, and all the while pouring these motivational or inspiring ideas into the process in a subtle yet effective way.

The beat and the ambiance together here work beautifully. That chord progression is simple, as is the movement of the track, but it makes for something mildly familiar and thus comforting. Alongside of this, the leading vocal comes through with a certain softness – an emotional calm, real yet quiet in presentation. You trust in the words and in the style – for whatever reason, there’s a sense of authenticity to the whole thing.

The vocal isn’t placed above everything else, instead it settles in and floats through as if it was purely another instrument. The added benefit of course is that you subliminally get these ideas or messages pouring through as you vibe to the track. Fortunately, Luckydabo$$ has crafted his verses with consideration, a thoughtful outlook that’s both personal and inclusive. You feel relevant within the song, and yet these world-music threads of influence give of a simultaneous feeling of togetherness across a greater void.

Poetry and personality walk hand in hand, guiding you through this four minute journey and keeping you calm as the thoughts fill your mind. It’s an easy pleasure to have this play for you, the sound is refreshing right now, partly nostalgic yet partly brand new and exciting in being so. There’s a strong aura of relevance to the whole thing – the times of today ring loud in the distance, and for these reasons and more the song connects well.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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