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Lucas Mayne Our Love


Lucas Mayne is a young artist who successfully manages to fuse the organic sound of acoustic pop with the heavy warmth of EDM on this latest single – all the while presenting a genuinely heart felt and hopeful bit of songwriting.

Our Love is an easy anthem for the upcoming spring and summer months. While the dance backdrop offers a string of familiar building blocks, the structure of the track seems to introduce a notably more eclectic and unconfined approach to music. Hints of acoustic guitar are balanced out by heavier beats and synth drops, there are moments of somewhat tropical musicality, and there’s also plenty of space.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly here, Mayne’s leading vocal performance introduces an artist with an authentic connection to the song he sings. That tone and the delicate passion with which he delivers these verses and this hook are perfectly honest and compelling in being so. It feels partly like a ballad, a loyal outpouring of admiration and affection, yet partly also like a huge moment of togetherness for the music fans who crave this sort of build-up and drop during the later hours of the day. The balance has been really well captured here – the song keeps things interesting throughout and utilizes contrast so as to hold tight to your attention.

Our Love is a beautiful release and a strong introduce to an artist who we’ll undoubtedly be hearing plenty more from in the near future.

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