Evolving from blissfully delicate beginnings, through softly soulful vocals and a bold, beautiful sense of rising anticipation – COY Swede’s Lose Heart is the uplifting, heartfelt hit of EDM-pop fusion 2020 has been waiting for.


It feels partly like a ballad, a loyal outpouring of admiration and affection, yet partly also like a huge moment of togetherness for the music fans who crave this sort of build-up and drop during the later hours of the day. The balance has been really well captured.


Stockhom’s Himmelsgräns have been a breath of fresh air to listen to this week. There’s a certain humble and quiet quality to their songwriting and to this sort of synth-pop and gentle indie-rock presentation


Less important than the genre these days is the songwriting and what you put into it – how much of yourself you allow the music to present, how well structured it is, how easily it connects and entertains or lets an audience escape. You get a good balance of all of this with Cleaned Out. 

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