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Luca Kraft & derramos Make You Happy


Colourful electro-pop vibes and soulful guitar unite beautifully throughout this melodic, intimate and revealing genre-fusion from Luca Kraft and derramos.

Blending retro bass and crisp electric guitar meandering in the distance, the backdrop is unexpected in itself, but then we get the vocal lead. Weaving in a contemporary production tone and calm, relatable character, the melody is instantly likable, the lyrics detail a personal relationship with equal appeal, and just as we fall into the groove of this new found style, the song swiftly changes gears once again.

From eighties sound-design through soul-rock and emo rap towards the ultimately funky, passionate embrace of the latter half, Make You Happy works hard to do precisely what its title promises.

The song itself is a modern day ode to love, a letter to a significant other, which is true to our protagonist’s journey but presented in a relatable way that can easily be transferred to any and all relationships. On the surface though, the progression of this brief, sub-three-minute journey delivers a colourful, increasingly uplifting boost of energy and positivity, which consistently urges you to stand up and take the day by the reins.

Really nicely crafted, not just quirky in creativity but written with the strength of an effective pop song, and faultlessly performed by our leading singer. From the calmer moments to the gritty rasp and soul of later, not a moment falls below par.

Brilliant, a favourite summer tune so far this year. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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