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Luanne Hunt & Steven Bankey Lightning in a Bottle


Luanne Hunt’s return this month brings possibly her most organically enjoyable song yet. Lightning in a Bottle, a collaborative release with Steven Bankey, is set up to offer the embrace of raw musical warmth. Everything from the instrumental layers to the two alternating voices helps craft an arena of audio that is blissfully easy to escape to. At the same time as this though, the music presents a sense of togetherness – a feeling that a live show is where things would be just perfect. The recording in itself has something of an authentic live sound, the vibrancy of which increases as things move along and as every element comes together, particularly towards the end of the song.

The upbeat energy is infectious, the musicianship is superb – really helping build something that takes over the room with its colour and detail, as well as being endlessly impressive. Regardless of what you choose to focus in on – the piano, the guitars, the beat, the voices – everything is skillfully executed, and everything is closely connected within at the very same time.

The overall vibe of the track is that of a country rock and roll scene with a touch of joyful jazz to keep it fresh and creative. The melody is simple and wonderfully effective, you remember it from the first listen alone, you recognise it the second time around, and it’s extremely easy to find yourself singing along to each consecutive section. The alternating vocals and indeed the echoed vocals really help bring out the brightness, the multi-layered musicality, and that previously mentioned sense of togetherness. It’s a total joy to listen to, not just because of the wonderful songwriting, but because of the flawless and clearly lost-in-the-moment performances as well – these make the single feel unquestionably genuine from start to finish.

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