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Luani. Mirror Mirror


The production quality on this brand new release from Luani. is second to none – to listen at volume from the offset is to really notice and appreciate the weight and simultaneous precision of that opening soundscape. The warmth and the spacious creative approach draws you over – that bass sound is all encompassing – so as the vocal comes into play, you’re already involved and interested.

Fortunately, as things grow and evolve throughout this mere two minute and forty second journey, the track becomes all the more immersive and energizing; whilst still holding close to that uniquely minimalist approach.

From a songwriting perspective, there’s a strong sense of attitude or reflective confrontation to the song. Luani.’s vocals deliver this in a genuine way, seeing moments of delicacy appear rightfully gentle, and seeing those with more intensity appear with authentic grit and volume.

Certain lyrical instances are quite striking, adding a minor layer of shock value to the experience and working hard to hold tight to your attention in more ways than one. Meanwhile this alternative RnB-style melody contrasts cleverly with what is a partly trip-hop inspired soundscape – specifically quite reminiscent of Leftfield, though that may be a personal observation or search for nostalgia. That element is refreshing to stumble upon right now, perhaps even more so for the original way in which Luani. has crafted his song along side of it.

There’s an intense pulse to the music that lets these deeply personal lyrics and that expressive leading voice really hit with impact. Luani. pours his realness into the process, the various sections allow more and more detail and angst to emerge, and the music reinforces this flawlessly. The whole thing sounds incredible when it kicks in, and contrast is utilized superbly in between those moments. A really interesting release, a mighty sound, and I look forward to hearing more from Luani.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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