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Ltronnika Symphonic Dance


Ltronnika’s highly-anticipated new indie electronic journey brings a stream-of-consciousness melodic progression and delicate, nostalgic tones – Symphonic Dance creatively explores the intricacies and implications of its title, and in the process offers a uniquely structured, instrumentally unpredictable listen.

Featuring an ultimately recognisable central melody, Symphonic Dance feels mildly inspired by the long-form tunes of medieval folk music, and otherwise appears securely rooted amidst the freestyle production approach of Ltronnika.

Always a producer with melody, mood and originality united at the helm, Ltronnika’s work consistently surprises, whilst effortlessly maintaining an unmistakable thread of artistic identity.

For Symphonic Dance, strings and synths and keys politely take their turns amidst the humble pop rhythm underneath, and with equally intermittent presence, we see moments of calm cleverly juxtaposed by those of a much more full and vibrant energy.

We rise and fall, we move and manoeuvre through these stages of the Symphonic Dance, and find ourselves both impressed by the musician behind them, and ultimately lost within the tuneful embrace of the sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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