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Ltronnika Motion Emotion


The unforgettable name, artwork and style returns with a beautifully unusual piece of music.

Composer and producer Ltronnika takes on a somewhat dance-hall inspired rhythm and brightness for this single, leading with unique flickers of melody and pace, all of which rides alongside a thick bass-line and a mellow yet uplifting groove.

You can never really compare these releases, outside of stylistic choices and effects, as each one offers a journey and story of its own – something I’ve commented on numerous times before. Ltronnika drives with creativity above all else – the production is almost second to the idea; more of a tool or a means to expressing an underlying sentiment or series of feelings.

So, to look at Motion Emotion in its own right – this is a piece of music with a defiant structural set-up; various stages and moments that seem unpredictable, and crucial in terms of the concept.

The words motion and emotion are newly paired, yet they make perfect sense once you’re enveloped in the related audio world Ltronnika has crafted for you. From Owl City synths to sci-fi soaked hits of energy and movement, every detail is artistic in itself – no simple riffs, no expected repetitions.

If anything, the track ends far too abruptly – this final meeting of layers could continue to immerse listeners for a good while longer. There’s a dreamy, soothing quality to the fully arranged composition – an uplifting optimism that connects emotionally as well as rhythmically; perfectly encapsulating the very ideas implied by that title.

Undoubtedly one of indie music’s best kept secrets. Escapism in its most pure and uninhibited state.

Check out more music via the Ltronnika Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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