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Ltronnika Here Comes The Sun


Perhaps his fullest sounding and most vibrant soundscape yet, Ltronnika’s Here Comes The Sun sees multiple layers of synths and melody rain down around the listener in an all-encompassing manner.

Given the title, you naturally try to seek out familiar tunes here, but the track walks its own pathways – not a single one, but many. There are fragments of familiarity to these melodies, but nothing overly distracting, and still they intertwine so well – a professional trait that’s consistent throughout Ltronnika’s work.

The sound and style is of course unique to the producer right now, these retro and delicate details, the classic and soft drum-line, the structure and the progression through a verse-chorus-like set-up – all of these are qualities true to this artist.

While there’s a less distinctive or memorable hook or big melody to this release, it fills a different role – that warmth, the fact that there’s very little, if any, space, or pause, takes nothing away from the gentle and calming aura of the music. It’s a clever way to create, always impressive, from a compositional perspective, but more importantly – for the music fan, this is an easy track to escape within; or to utilize whenever the darkness of the world starts to creep in.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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