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Ltronnika Escapade


The unmistakable sound of Ltronnika brings through another hit of classic escapism with this beautifully multi-layered and upbeat new release.

Escapade feels familiar in style to what we’ve heard previously from Ltronnika, but in terms of the energy, and the varying sections or stages of the story-line, there’s a little more detail here. The composition appears as significantly cinematic at times. For the most part, you can engage with that organic piano melody – quickly recognisable, emotionally loaded yet specific and intentional enough to connect with – yet elsewhere you find yourself lost in these moments of soothing, dreamlike ambiance. There are several intricacies at work at once, and in between instances of that main melody, the track offers a near-meditative moment of depth and ultimate calm – your mind wanders, simplicity and warmth intertwine to hypnotically guide you through your own thoughts.

The resulting experience is one that feels much bigger than a simple three and half minute release would normally allow. There’s a sense of purpose, a story-line, almost like a short movie, and as always Ltronnika has crafted this with equal parts professionalism and passion. There’s a clear level of heart to the melody and the way the track progresses and evolves, and at the same time there’s something blissfully effective about the finished product – it proves easily immersive, as dance or trip hop music ought to be.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to fresh compositions from Ltronnika. I’ve said it before but it consistently rings true – there are very few, if any, producers building soundscapes with quite such soul and individuality. Escapade is beautiful, a real joy to experience at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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