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Ltronnika Echoes Past


New music and some fresh artwork from Ltronnika, this time even taking a slightly different production route. Echoes Past leads with a more contemporary set of synths it seems – the soundscape washes together in a smooth and beautiful fashion, raining down with multiple layers of intertwining colours and joyfulness.

If this concept of Echoes Past is to be interpreted, perhaps the idea is that this plethora of details and musical moments represent the memories and instances from times come to pass. There’s a blissful sense of unity to the complete process, and what’s more, this is one of Ltronnika’s more simplistic, perhaps mainstream-catered melodies. Rather than free-styling throughout, there are some distinct scales and progressions that satisfy in a powerful way – particularly at the mid-section. These beach-like, steel-drum-style outpourings add a gorgeous change in direction, and as the track goes on the energy and togetherness seems to grow stronger all the more so.

Gorgeous synth riffs, backed up by simple four-chord loops, kept moving by a raw pop-rock beat that’s subtle but energetic nonetheless. This is stunning, a personal favorite to date from this producer – and a personal favorite instrumental from 2020 so far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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