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Ltronnika Drifter


Delicacy reigns supreme on this, the latest single from producer and artist Ltronnika. Seeing multiple layers of synths and subtle bass notes take the lead, and the mellow rhythm taking something of a backseat, the piece beautifully represents – as always with his work – the concept implied by the title.

A master of melody yet again, Drifter showcases a fine ear for tuneful story telling. There’s actually a retro, mildly medieval or role-play / gamer-like vibe to the midsections of this piece. Intermittently you get this simple riff, this moment of spacious pause – a hook, perhaps. Then afterwards, the longer journey – the long-form melody taking the lead, guiding you through this world of gentle observation and deep thought. It’s meditative, calming, yet there’s depth and detail to much of it.

Coming in at something of a perfect three minute thirty, Drifter plays out in a powerful way. There’s often a memorable quality to Ltronnika’s production, and this is far from the exception. A subtle touch of experimentation allows the story to really rain down with originality, and amidst that there are clever flickers of identity and tune that undoubtedly stay with you after listening.

Humble work, as ever – a respectable quality – yet still up there with the best of them; with the most interesting and easy to escape within electronic compositions.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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