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Loyal Revival Walk That Line


Loyal Revival are a band based out of Gainesville, Florida. Their music is an utterly unique fusion of creativity and song mastery. They describe their sound as Indie Folk with Gigantic Melodies; it’s a brilliantly fitting interpretation, if lacking a little in the all important and wonderful specifics. Here’s what it feels like to listen to their latest offering..

In essence, what you get when you listen to Walk That Line, is something completely unexpected – something which, musically, captures your attention very quickly, and then melodically; holds on to it, and warms you in a way that feels like a song fit for world wide repetition. There’s nothing to compare this to; the music is so experimental by nature, at times feeling like a melodic indie band from the nineties, other times seemingly on the verge of being at the heart of some electronica or dubstep rave. It’s unusual, but immensely impressive.

The playful nature in which these instruments and effects have been worked with gives this song a wonderfully accessible and warm sound. You’re attracted to the lyrics, above all else perhaps – those words and that melody reel you in. The constant changes throughout the track, the separation of parts one and two; has this entirely unique element to it that is inescapably compelling. It’s a strange feeling; you want to keep it all for yourself, a secret experience of escapism, but at the same time – you want this band to reach an immense audience. You want everyone to hear this song.

They’re a band doing their own thing; the creativity flows like wine, the music feels great, sounds great. Every instrument under the sun seems to have it’s little moment within the track, but there’s nothing at all messy or overbearing about it – it works, brilliantly. The kind of song that makes you wonder why the hell nobody else is making music like this.

It’s a really impressive track, so full of lush little surprises, and at the very core of it – fantastic song writing. A captivating and memorable melody; the I want perfection hook is one you’ll find yourself eagerly awaiting throughout the song. A wonderful effect; exactly what a successful hook is meant to do. Cue the epic crowd singalong at the next available summer festival. The prospect of seeing this band perform live is superbly exciting. We’ll be on the look out. Make sure you don’t miss your chance.

Head over to the band’s Website to listen to the new track Walk That Line. Follow Loyal Revival on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay involved. Also, well worth a look, this beautiful acoustic performance of the song Reach and Feel. A great pleasure to stumble upon.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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