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Love Ghost x Cinnamon Babe Do You Like Me Now?


Explosive and catchy in equal parts, perfectly in keeping with their ever defiant-opposition to mainstream expectation, indie rock legends Love Ghost team up with Cinnamon Babe, for the brilliantly-written new metal gem Do You Like Me Now?

Fiercely provocative and directly intended to stir up interest from fans and foes alike, Do You Like Me Now? is surprisingly well-focused and melodically engaging. The title implies a certain quirky sense of pure volume and character, but what lies within is one of the band’s most evocative and well-structured releases yet.

There’s a timeless new-metal quality to the whole set-up and performance, and both Cinnamon Babe and Love Ghost put in a powerful delivery to help elevate those qualities and let the unforgettable resolve of that hook sink in for the long run.

Feel the force of all misfits united in their freedom and skill. This one’s a keeper. Stream Do You Like Me Now? at volume this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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