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Love Ghost Uewo muite aruko


Throwing fans another unexpected curveball, LA’s Love Ghost offer up a personal ode to a country they adore, by covering this renowned Japanese ballad Uewo muite aruko (English title : Sukiyaki).

Following a calm and humble introduction, the song explodes into life with immediate energy and pace. Distorted, retro vocals pour through amidst relentless drum-work and infectious riffs.

Meanwhile, the melody quickly connects, and whether you’re familiar with the original or not, the band make certain to give this arrangement and performance a definite air of character and recognisablity.

There is of course a brief clip of the original song woven into the opening moments, which effectively further emphasises the punk-rock energy and enthusiasm the band have injected into their take on it.

As a vastly creative act regardless, this style and approach undoubtedly work in favour of their image as one of the most unique and travel-worthy bands of 2020. As and when the live scenes begin to return, this is easily a name worth knowing about. Hopefully some of Japan’s many impressive venues will extend a warm welcome to Love Ghost in light of this dedication and their consistently evolving array of original songs.

An optimistic and inspiring hit of positivity, the overall energy and colour of the performance meets with the song’s naturally uplifting, hopeful lyrics, to deliver something that works hard to help temporarily suspend the weight of the current global climate. Enjoy.

Keep your head up (to the sky), so that tears won’t spill…”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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