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Love Ghost- Let It All Burn (Official Video)


Storming back into view with an engrossing, high production video, LA alt-rockers Love Ghost take on the turmoil of our time, and lean in something of a new direction with this release.

From the outside, Let It All Burn is a track that effectively and impressively fuses the better parts of rock and pop in an accessible, widely relatable manner. The short verse lines and the story these tell is short and repetitive in a way that ultimately backs up the underlying concept of the song with powerful intention.

Meanwhile, the band weave this distorted yet softly melodic web around you, building up towards the final strength and equal simplicity of the hook. This moment is incredibly anthem-like. Already a line that rock fans and misfits will feel drawn towards, Love Ghost add a new care-free vibrancy to the idea of letting it all burn, with the final moments exploding into an all-together-now outpouring of music and energy and empowerment.

Back to the thread though, from the inside – or for those who know the band’s music – this track feels like a step towards the more mainstream punk-pop tones that made waves in the noughties. The structure and weight of the song connects with ease, and the lack of complexity makes it all the more likely to become a welcomed embrace to music fans far and wide.

It’s a clever way to write, and it’s actually precisely the kind of hit the band needed to come back with. Brilliantly crafted, poignantly and passionately touching upon the angst and uncertainty of modern life, with impeccable performances from all involved – Let It All Burn is a quickly addictive new rock track, and it’s more than worth its weight right now amidst the mainstream contemporary landscape.

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