LOUNGEZOTICA 3000 - Martian 9 - Stereo Stickman

LOUNGEZOTICA 3000 Martian 9


A brilliant rhythm section provides a unique and impressive backbone throughout this instrumental journey from LOUNGEZOTICA 3000. Their music is something of a free-flowing, spontaneous expression of emotions – presented in unity and with an ongoing sense of style and togetherness.

The single Martian 9 is an intriguing one, part of a longer project for sure, but interesting and musically appealing in itself. The experience varies and evolves in an unpredictable way – always that drum line runs in the backdrop, that slightly manic jazz-aura, but meanwhile the guitars and the surrounding flickers of colour meander in an uninhibited fashion.

What works about this is that despite that apparent sense of carefree freedom, there are several riffs and sections to the piece that give it memorable or recognizable characteristics. At certain moments there’s an experimental, other-worldly or adventurous vibe – these three rising notes, repeated at pace. There’s a dash of James Bond about those instances. In contrast, other sections of the track – the verses, perhaps – offer a calming and peaceful ambiance.

You can feel every step of the story-line as and when you should, all without a hint of over-performance or even a lyric. Although the music is impressive, the musicianship remains on point and relevant to the ideas the band shared during its making. That underlying concept runs deep, so only the artistry that’s needed is on show.

There are a few occasion in which certain instruments veer off on a creative solo, but they’re subtle – so subtle, in fact, that you barely notice them among the sincere and rhythmic, fascinating threads that hold the composition together. In a live setting this would be superb, but as it is – the music is easy to escape into, feeling fit to be the backdrop to some new independent or cult film.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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