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Lorenzo Gabanizza Straight to the heart


Adding over a minute to the standard pop song life-span, Lorenzo Gabanizza takes his time to tell a story that wholly and unquestionably outlines its underlying concept – and genuinely does reach out Straight to the Heart.

Emerging complete with a visually thoughtful and emotive accompanying clip, the single sees Lorenzo lead with gentle beginnings – whispered references, a quiet sense of longing; love and melancholy all at once. Throughout its post-four-minute journey though, the song progresses from introspective and almost acoustic, to full-throttle pop-rock with a vast wash of energy and intensity for its final third.

Given the time-frame, the song alone takes a moment to connect – the opening lines lay bare a strong accent and a loyal intention above all else. Soon enough though, the absolute takeaway from the completed experience is that hook – a bold and mighty rock hook, which holds close to the song’s inherent passion, and effectively sees things transcend from simple, almost forgettable, to easily enjoyable; and decidedly recognisable.

You’d be forgiven for wondering if this wasn’t a slept on driving ballad from a simpler decade. The intimacy and honesty of the video reflects a similarly nostalgic direction – and it reinforces the natural affection and longing of the writing in a fitting manner.

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