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Lorenzo Doryon There For You


Lorenzo Doryon’s musical offering There For You is a smooth and satisfying pop-meets-EDM release that ticks all boxes when it comes to seeking out that perfect, end of summer sound.

The artist’s voice is one of the first things to step forward, portrayed up close and personal, carrying the melody and concept along with a gentle and accessible voice that seems all at once characterful and believable. Lorenzo has a 4 octave range and has been training professionally since the age of seven, and this is something that shows in this effortless seeming performance that represents the sentiment of the song gorgeously. There For You has a fairly mellow energy, right up until those much heavier instrumental moments, and Lorenzo’s voice feeds into the mood of the ambiance beautifully.

Musically the track is superb, crafted and produced to a flawless standard that is ready and waiting to be played at full volume by all who hear it. The melody is one that sinks in slowly, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the entire soundscape first and foremost, then settling in for good to the point that you’ll have the sound of that hook in your mind for some time after listening. Again, Lorenzo’s voice really adds to the effectiveness of this. His performance fits in well with the EDM or trip-hop driven backdrop – it’s easy to listen to, enjoyable, and offers up just enough of that realness; that unique vocal tone and even a touch of confidence, particularly when it comes to the line but you’ve got to be there for more too. 

Conceptually unexpected and presented in a way that hits with great impact. Lorenzo Doryon’s There For You sounds incredible. Ambient and memorable, easy to escape to, easy to unwind to. Well worth a listen and hopefully there’s a lot more to come from the model and musician.

Stream the track on Spotify. Find & follow Lorenzo Doryon on Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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