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Lorelei Roux and Becca Sameasu Church of the Inner Cosmos


Almost a year since the release of Unstoppable, Lorelei Roux returns to collaborate with Becca Sameasu, to launch the enchanting, thoughtful and euphoric work Church of the Inner Cosmos.

Aptly-titled and with sound-design and visuals to match, Church of the Inner Cosmos features a fine balance between Americana guitar bends and ethereal outer layers and rhythmic details.

Alongside this, a spoken-word vocal meanders in true theatrical fashion, utilising poetic imagery and dramatic delivery, even brief instances of melody, for an extensive journey through psychedelic twists, turns and provocative intricacies.

At around the mid-section of the piece, the music veers off into Americana territory again, with cinematic horns creating a nostalgic pathway into the indie-rock rhythms and warmth of the latter half. Here we get melodic threads and live drums that essentially help ground the track – promising a welcoming groove as the listener continues to ponder the ideas of the opening verse.

‘My mind is a maze…’ soon resounds. The experimental design of this release works beautifully in unison with the complexities of the writing. It’s a deeply personal single, laying bare vulnerabilities and longing in unison with a vast appreciation for the outer realms.

Where the first half is provocative, suggestive and captivating for its uncertainty and unpredictable evolution, the second half finds itself a groove and sense of brightness that increasingly elevates the listener. Thus, the euphoric and hopeful final mood takes hold, and you long for the music to play on.

Check out the Lorelei Roux Website for more info.

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