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Lord Fuego Flame Diamonds


Mastering wordplay throughout an extensive and smart progression, Lord Fuego Flame impresses for his long-form bars and the catchy, unorthodox and passionate hook, of Diamonds.

Featuring a contemporary soundscape of trap rhythms and ethereal layers of synth, Diamonds goes on to weave in a high-octane vocal that’s both observational and sharp in terms of its wit and captivating way with language.

A single listen is barely enough to catch every line and reference, and the speed with which Fuego fills the space seems unexpectedly brave amidst the current hip hop landscape, but it works. The higher pitch of the chorus juxtaposes the lower-toned rap verses, and from the outset we’re impressed by the lyrical switches from one moment to the next – and their consistent relevancy to the overall story.

In short, no line is wasted, no time taken for granted in showcasing the very best of his abilities. Diamonds is a familiar modern rap hit with a catchy hook, but it also introduces a talented, thoughtful rapper – qualities that will hopefully continue to stand tall across future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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