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London King Immortality


Immortality is a song from the EP Antichrist Child by singer and songwriter London King. It’s a powerful song and a strong introduction to the artist for those who aren’t yet familiar.

The soundscape that emerges from the offset has a very classic pop-meets-EDM feel, though admittedly there’s a fairly captivating darkness to it all – a melancholy mood suggested by the synths and samples chosen to paint the backdrop. As things progress, and alt-pop or even trip-hop vibe comes through, despite the song itself and London King’s own vocal performance having the power and passion often heard in soul or pop music. This meeting of various genres and styles makes for something loaded with fresh identity right now. And on top of this, you get to the concept of the song – the lyrics, the bare poetry of it, the reflective honesty that digs at some of the deepest human emotions and thoughts. It’s a brilliantly written song and it utilises the most effective manner of structuring so that the build up to the hook is gradual and captivating – a mellow and slightly haunting first verse kicks this off – then the hook itself hits with incredible impact.

The production on this song and indeed the entire EP is well worth appreciating as it makes all the difference in allowing the strengths of the writing and the performance to really shine brightly – Aubrey Whitfield worked a certain kind of magic on this. There is so much detail within the sound, and yet its all perfectly compiled so that your focus is generally on the sound of the artist’s voice and her ideas, though if you choose to – you can totally relax into the ambiance and complexity of the music. It’s a clever fusion of widely accessible music, or pop,  and something much more alternative and appealing on some other level. Absolutely worth exploring, a project full of character and stylish, considerate music.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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