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Lolitas Lovers Big Fuss EP


Bright and multi-layered pop-rock meets with a surprisingly humble, tired and almost emo-esque vocal lead throughout this new collection of originals from Lolitas Lovers.

The Big Fuss EP bursts into life with the high energy and poetic reflections of MmmEeezZzzz, a melodically catchy track with a full production style that really helps light up the inner intricacies of the writing.

Impressive musicianship, a characterful vocal lead with an authentically sleepy yet emotive tone – all qualities that keep the threads alive throughout the EP.

The mood mellows for Out Of Thinking, an ambient, almost sunset-style arena ballad of sorts. Recognisable as Lolitas Lovers, but sleepier still and hypnotic as its guitar riffs and subtle details rain down all around. Once again there’s a contemplative, provocative nature to the lyrics, and the instrumental builds up beautifully at the half-way point, proving quite euphoric at volume, before veering off for a creatively bass-led, intense middle-8.

Musically Yellow Sparks is an easy highlight, that opening riff quickly raises the bar in terms of anthem-like energy, and the drum-line follows on with equally engaging personality and pace. Things slow down later, this near five-minute piece proving an artistic deep-dive into the concept; something that may take a second listen to truly connect with. In every case, Lolitas Lovers commit entirely to the instrumental moments, and this allows the listener to simultaneously feel that embrace and escape from the world.

Breakfast closes the EP with a humble swagger and some dreamy paired guitar rises. A breathy, drawn-out vocal tips its hat to the likes of Radiohead and the nineties indie acts who painted original, uninhibited scenes and soundscapes around their audiences. A great to finish the EP, eclectic enough to keep you interested, yet still rooted in that heavy and passionate outcry that is the Lolitas Lovers peak of each performance.

Big Fuss intrigues with these four songs, satisfies musically but provokes deeper levels of consideration in the writing and topics. A project that’s a refreshing pleasure to lose yourself within for a while.

Download the music via Apple or Bandcamp. Check out Lolitas Lovers on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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