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Lokella As We Unravel


Standing tall on the strength of intention and eclecticism combined, alternative rock outfit Lokella promise to engage and energise, with their deeply human and musically powerful album As We Unravel.

Following a series of singles and shorter projects, the album celebrates the uniquely fearless devotion of the band in terms of their authenticity and ability united. The likes of an enchanting and provocative Keep Quiet helped raise the Lokella profile, and As We Unravel promises a fourteen-track collection that fiercely builds further upon that.

Bleed For You is easily an early highlight, featuring a fine set-up, worthy songwriting and performance, with both nostalgia and heart intertwined throughout an arrangement that begs for you to crank up the volume and escape entirely into the sound. A personal favourite.

As the album continues, Lokella really start to showcase a clear sense of versatility, yet never at the cost of skill or purpose – far from it. Consider the structural shift and scorn of Hexing, a little Incubus-like in juxtaposing the heavy and gentle moments.

Conceptually there’s also a respectable level of consistency between themes and their underlying connection to the implications of As We Unravel. Just Nineteen shines light on this in a deeply revealing and personal way, bringing through sublime featured vocals for dynamic – an emotive additional thread from Emilee Petersmark.

Other highlights include the anthemic pace and presence of Same Old, the mellow production and focus of The Devil I Didn’t Know, the outright conviction and ferocity of Hold Me Under, and the meeting of bass, guitar and short-lined melody throughout The Drain. Really though, the album in full has so much to offer, from boldly contemplative lyrics to refreshingly original soundscapes and faultless performances.

In short, the band have mastered their commitment to the cause, with a sort of uninhibited air of realness and soul to each piece – as well as a clear sense of audience-awareness in the contrast from one moment to the next. That’s no easy line to walk, but Lokella have it down, and As We Unravel captivates for all of these reasons, and makes for an essential go-to whenever the noise of the world gets too much to bear.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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