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Lizzy Small Forever Mood


Lizzy Small’s return this month brings a track that showcases her deeply personal and honest approach to songwriting, as well as her broadly capable leading voice, and a gorgeously well produced, ambient and atmospheric soundscape.

Forever Mood is a song that feels dreamlike and delicate from the offset, though this soon evolves to become more of a hard-hitting, passionate and rhythmic moment of resolve. Small’s use of contrast works wonders here, the drop from the soft and smooth layout of the verses, even the lyrical vulnerability or uncertainty suggested here, to the movement and power of the hook, has a huge effect. Where her voice might feel at first like your classic pop or RnB star’s style, soulful and easily meandering through just about any melody, this particular song and the way her voice carries it as it progresses and grows, leans far more in the direction of something a little grittier. There’s a certain swagger and edge to the hook section, but even this isn’t all there is to it.

The emotional openness, perhaps the inherent vulnerability in being so dedicated to a significant other, adds a level of undeniable humanity to an otherwise simply stylish and uplifting piece of music. You get the best of both worlds. There’s no question as to her vocal ability or her natural skill as a songwriter, but adding to the overall impressive aura is the fact that this song takes a little from all of the best places in music – crafting before you a totally immersive experience, one that works on a purely musical level, as well as one that reaches out to connect with our inner humanness; our less talked about feelings and connections to one another.

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