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Livvy D Gucci Down To My Socks


Country-rap crossover artist Livvy D encapsulates precisely the vibes implied by the title of her latest single.

The track and video for Gucci Down To My Socks captures a contemporary sentiment of owning your style, whilst delivering a catchy alt-pop hit loaded with confidence and personality.

Back by an acoustic guitar rhythm and hand drums, the opening moments of Gucci Down To My Socks portray the folk-country inspiration and set the mood well.

The single then goes on to showcase its central ear-worm of a hook, before delivering a heavier Hip Hop rhythm and bass backbone that runs alongside a fearlessly uninhibited rap performance from songwriter Livvy D.

Somewhat nostalgic for its links to pop-hip-hop from throughout the past couple of decades, there’s also plenty about the production and performance style of Gucci Down To My Socks that gives it a quickly recognizable edge.

Livvy D is carving out a niche corner of the genre field, and Gucci Down To My Socks introduces things with a carefree commitment to quirks and a defiant love for the process.

Find Livvy D on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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