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Fresh from an upcoming EP, due January 22nd, GET OUT PARTY TODAY sees Live Vinyl explore the broadly relatable topic of craving the togetherness and escapism of the party scenes in what has been a largely isolating, tumultuous 2020.

Featuring a somewhat vintage, classic and organic soul-rock set-up, with an addictive dance rhythm and a vocal hook that injects a memorable, anthem-like moment of unity, the single also brings in some welcomed electric guitar-play, and continues to weave around listeners a hypnotic and nostalgic arena of positive energy.

Coming in at a more than worthy four minutes twenty, the single has the familiarity of a cinematic classic, yet the freshness of a topically relevant live experience. It’s the kind of song that will easily suit the moment of reintroduction – that day when we are finally able to meet up in groups and celebrate our freedom and overcoming.

Great sound design, with some aptly uplifting visual clips to match – the distant vocals create a welcoming environment, within which it’s not difficult to find yourself singing and moving along to the progression of the track.

Live Vinyl have released two singles so far from the new project, and will soon be recording a live stream concert to be aired in part on December 28th.

Check out Live Vinyl on Facebook or visit their Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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