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Little Sister Waiting on You


California’s Little Sister leads with a finely polished indie-pop set-up on this single, presenting a few distinct riffs, a notable drum-pattern, and a softly whispered vocal melody that somehow cuts through the weight and rhythm surrounding it to drive with intention and purpose.

While there’s a near lo-fi, almost shoe-gaze approach to a song like this, the finish is surprisingly clear cut. This makes for an enjoyable alternative to the majority of releases in this genre – there’s no fuzz, but rather, a clean and organic arrangement that makes you genuinely appreciate the instrumentation and the potential for a live show. At the same time, while there’s distance to the voice, it manages to connect a little more personally than its peers – a few short lines and simple, specific ideas linger with you after listening, and these make it all the more likely you’ll come back to experience the song again.

In actuality, Waiting On You is an easy piece to enjoy. There’s a mildly cinematic quality to the sounds and colors that pour through, and still the whole thing is guided by its underlying sentiments and melodic progression, so you can familiarise yourself with certain elements – as well as letting this be the go-to backdrop to your day; whenever you need a little calm and focus.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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