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Little Archer Worship Until You Break The Storm (Feat. Christin Hart)


Organic piano, strings and cinematic rhythms back up the increasingly soulful presentation of Little Archer Worship’s Until You Break The Storm.

Structurally impressive and vocally faultless, the single employs a classic pop set-up but with real-time musicianship and versatile melodic threads – to aptly reinforce the changing stages of this story; the ups and downs alike, of overcoming struggle and believing in a brighter tomorrow.

Yvette Charmaine is the artist behind Little Archer Worship, bringing to the scene a delicate fusion of faith and creativity. Until You Break The Storm has the makings of a timeless ballad, beginning with melancholic uncertainty in the form of a piano-led opening verse, and progressing through the optimism and calm of a brighter hook section and latter half.

As mentioned, the performance and supporting arrangement evolve consistently throughout. What starts off as a breathy and nearly-whispered, intimate delivery, soon becomes an explosive celebration of passionate commitment to the cause. That journey is powerful to listen to at volume, and rightfully represents the underlying intentions and emotional experience implied by the song’s title and concept.

Really well-crafted, both personal and poetic enough to feel like an authentically new take on Christian pop, and with a performance nothing short of stunning from Little Archer Worship at the forefront.

Download or stream Until You Break The Storm here. Check out Little Archer Worship on Facebook & Apple Music.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Your entire review of Until You break the storm is exactly how I experienced the song and felt about this amazing music , except that you are far more eloquent! This song touched my soul and spoke to my heart and it’s a song I can listen to over and over! It’s really is going to be a timeless ballad. Thank you for sharing!

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