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Li$o No More Heroes


Vastly atmospheric and emotive production guides us refreshingly into the thoughtful depths and contemporary stylings of Li$o’s No More Heroes.

Ultimately finding its groove as an emo-rap progression of both rhythmic hooks and freestyle meanderings, the track takes over a minute to build up with a hugely ambient soundscape – setting the mood and enveloping the listener entirely.

The result of this creative choice, is that the subsequently expressive, tired and boldly honest vocal outpouring connects on a whole new level – reinforcing the vulnerability of the lyrics; this fearless sense of longing that hits hard with the increasing repeat of ‘come back to me’ as things fade out.

As per the opening implications though, it’s not a fade out into silence – the track utilises another half a minute of instrumental, dreamy contemplation, to let those words sink in all the more so. It’s a really unique way to craft amidst the current landscape, and hopefully it’s an indication of an artist devoted to the process of self-reflection and creativity. I look forward to hearing where else the music takes Li$o.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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