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Linda Tourje Bah Humbug


Linda Tourje leads with a brilliantly alternative Christmas feel for this single Bah Humbug. The opening chord progression has a mild punk-pop feel to it, which unites stylishly with the sound of the descending bells – setting the scene subtly but rather perfectly when you consider the song’s underlying concept.

The punk-pop aura continues within the verse lines and in the way the melody is set-up. Even certain moments of doubled-vocals add further to this. Genre-wise there’s more of an acoustic, perhaps mellow Americana feel to it all, but for me the whole thing really feels reminiscent of 90s bands – Greenday, for example – the sort who would skillfully fuse melody, power chords and short lines to quickly capture an audience’s attention. There’s clearly a much more low-key vibe to this, but it works in a similar manner.

In terms of the subject matter, Linda Tourje takes on the character and the story-line in a genuine fashion. There’s something about her vocal tone and the way she delivers each line that seems inherently genuine and connected to the words expressed. All of this – the musical approach, the vocal performance, the lyrics – helps push the song in the direction of being a refreshingly alternative Christmas hit. The bells and the overall aura of the season still exists, but there’s also a harsh and hearty dose of reality that you don’t often hear too much of among the joyful classics.

The song’s hook is beautifully upbeat yet miserable at the very same time, it uplifts with that hit of reality and the sudden musical brightness – it’s enjoyably anthemic and in a way that you rarely come across. Linda Tourje keeps things real and this song is quickly becoming a personal favourite as Christmas draws nearer.

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