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lilac frog How The Curtain Closes


The UK’s own Harri Hocking – known to the music realm as lilac frog – creates from the heart and connects with ease, with the poetic and uniquely produced How The Curtain Closes.

Featuring soft and breathy vocals, a little like a fusion of nostalgic emo rock and contemporary pop, How The Curtain Closes blends calm contemplation with an otherwise colourful arrangement and surprisingly quick tempo.

The soundscape is simple yet full sounding, with a big beat in the distance and subtle synths raining down in between moments of vocal expression.

Structurally the song rolls through with short rhymes and longer-lines combined, a mostly descending melody that hints at rising anticipation for that ethereal, immersive vibe – something which ties well to these references to feeling like a ghost.

Electro-pop with a twist of cleanly-mixed singer-songwriter authenticity, How The Curtain Closes reflects in an original and engaging way, on the all-too-familiar topic of friendships that come to an end – people who grow apart. The writing utilizes equal parts personal anecdotes and more broadly accessible metaphors and images, in order to effectively bridge that gap between artist and audience.

As such, the whole thing proves a subtle yet worthy embrace – a pleasure to listen to, whilst prompting further consideration and, hopefully, plenty more interest in the growing repertoire of lilac frog; not least of all the stunning and beautifully memorable In My Mind.

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