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Lil Tomahawk Mr. Do Not Answer Phone [Prod. by Aamine]


Lil Tomahawk offers a laid back approach to modern hip hop, fusing rap and melody in a carefree way that suits the simple echo and loop of the musical backdrop pretty well. You get a fairly good idea of what to expect from the artist from this single release, for the most part though it seems to fit quite simply among the bulk of mainstream hip hop releases of late.

Production wise you get a recognizable vibe from the track, those chiming synths appear soaked in reverb and create a distant yet dreamlike feeling. On top of this is the vocal delivery, a partly free-style-like performance, partly centered around a particular idea and hook. On the whole though, this seems like an opportunity taken – to showcase that personality and that laid-back aura. The rhythm of the opening vocal, the pace and the hypnotic style of the delivery – the ongoing rhyme scheme included – all of this weaves its way throughout and around the soundscape. The free-flowing energy feels pretty genuine, it’s an easy going song that deals with the topic of commitment or a lack of interest in it – the overtone of the music suits this idea and lifestyle well.

The social references to today’s world fit the sound and add to that relevancy and that reach among a modern audience. There’s a slightly haunting energy to the backdrop by the time the track ends, but I guess this makes certain you remember it. Lil Tomahawk utilizes the vibe of the music and the movement of the beat to craft a fitting and appropriately rhythmic bit of lyricism and wordplay. The vocals aren’t up close and personal, it’s a fairly raw recording, but you get the right kind of mood from it and you can easily tell the sort of creative approach this is and what inspires it.

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