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Lil Control $ad $oup


Blending lo-fi spoken fragments with delicate acoustic guitar picking, Lil Control paves the way towards an emo-rap ambiance and outpouring with intrigue and appeal.

The sound is contemporary, no doubt, yet it brings in effective sound-design and songwriting in the same instance; building identity with ease.

Offering a trap-style rhythm and echoes of vocal melody in the distance, $ad $oup showcases a long-form rap-melody for a verse, delving into the personal journey of our protagonist, before falling away once the intensity rises; to allow the purity and embrace of the instrumental to work its magic alone once more.

The second verse mixes up the flow further still, raising the pace and highlighting a clear level of ability from Lil Control. With this, the revealing and deeply reflective nature of the lyrics is refreshing, and connects for its vulnerability, honesty and humanity combined.

Really well-crafted, a voice that’s in tune with the mood and concept, and a musicality that pays into the same goal. Brief yet striking, impressive, somewhat simple in arrangement but a fine introduction as it stands. Hopefully there’s plenty more creativity on the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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