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Lil 610 Percs


Mixing things up further still with yet another twist in the fabric of modern rap, fast-rising artist Lil 610 collaborates with Kankan and Swami Uchiha for this ethereal and intense new single Percs.

Featuring distantly mixed vocals and increasing passion and grit throughout, the track moves from dreamy to heavy intermittently as the story and vocals rise and fall; combining contemplation with outright peaks of emotion and energy as the scene unfolds.

Coming in at three thirty-four, the track showcases a notably limitless production style, keeping things familiar with trap rhythms and up front bass, but ultimately bringing through a cinematic presence with detail and intricacies, stops and starts, vocal fragments and changes in direction.

The dynamic between the three artists also furthest this, helping maintain an interesting vibe from start to finish.

The vocals blur into the set-up for the most part, this overall hypnotic, somewhat oriental mood taking the reins and the voices providing an equal part of that process. The more you listen though, the more the lyrics pierce through – another renowned quality of Lil 610’s consistently expanding, versatile catalogue.

In the past two years, multiple releases of Lil 610’s have made waves online, not least of all his videos, including the still engaging Ben 10 and a handful of other projects delivered by the one and only Jmoney1041; boasting almost one million subscribers. Lil 610’s own following is swiftly reaching similar levels, with last month’s Balenciaga Toes, a collab with global star Lil Pump, reaching well over a million streams on SoundCloud alone – a track that again highlights the uninhibited vocal and musical approach of Lil 610.

Elsewhere singles like Molly Party take eclectic creativity further still, whispered vocals and haunting minimalism creating an unmistakable degree of identity and flair within an otherwise fairly familiar modern rap realm. The infectious, theatrical and fast-paced Pop-Pop is also an absolute highlight from his recent set list.

Lil 610 continues to write and perform amidst a clear connection to the current scene, a trait underlined throughout bars and production alike. Naturally a name worth knowing in creative hip hop.

Check out Lil 610 on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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